Deploy Trove to KVM

Note: this guide assumes you are familiar with building Baserock systems, for more information on building Baserock systems see: Building a Baserock system.

You may also want to read the Deploy to KVM guide before continuing.

First, build the Trove:

morph build systems/trove-system-x86_64.morph

Before you can deploy trove you will need to generate keys for some of the accounts trove uses, see prepare trove accounts for more details.

Next, write the following cluster into a file (e.g. kvm-trove-cluster.morph ):

name: example-trove
kind: cluster
- morph: systems/trove-system-x86_64.morph
      type: extensions/kvm
      location: kvm+ssh://user@host/example-trove/path/to/vms/example-trove.img
      DISK_SIZE: 40G
      RAM_SIZE: 4G
      HOSTNAME: example-trove
      TROVE_ID: example-trove
      TROVE_COMPANY: Company name goes here
      LORRY_SSH_KEY: ssh_keys/lorry.key
      TROVE_ADMIN_USER: adminuser
      TROVE_ADMIN_NAME: Admin User
      TROVE_ADMIN_SSH_PUBKEY: ssh_keys/
      WORKER_SSH_PUBKEY: ssh_keys/

Then run morph deploy, with name of the file you just created

morph deploy kvm-trove-cluster.morph