Welcome to the Baserock open source project. Baserock aims to be a great way to build custom appliance systems with Linux. Baserock supports x86_32 and x86_64 and ARMv7 (big/little endian, soft/hard float). We also have working systems on ppc64, mips64b and mips64l, mips32b and mips32l, ARMv5, ARMv6 and ARMv8.

Our objectives are outlined on the overview and developer experience pages.

Baserock is developed in public on GitLab.

Getting Started

See the quick-start guide.

There are lots of guides for specific use-cases. Some may be out of date!

If you have questions or suggestions please go to our mailing list at or the #baserock irc channel on Libera.

Recent News:

Baserock 15.47 is released
Posted Fri Nov 20 16:08:01 2015 by Richard Ipsum
Baserock GENIVI Demo Platform Seoul Hands On
Posted Thu Oct 22 07:07:37 2015 by devcurmudgeon
Baserock 15.34 was released
Posted Sat Aug 8 13:37:48 2015 by Pedro Alvarez
Baserock 15.25 is released
Posted Wed Jun 17 17:25:00 2015 by Adam Coldrick
Baserock 15.19 is released
Posted Wed May 13 09:05:49 2015 by Sam Thursfield

Here's a video tutorial showing how to get started in under 10 minutes...

Video Link

( Note: the machine used in the video already has ssh keys. If you don't have them on your host machine, you will need to run ssh-keygen - and accept the defaults - before you run ssh -A ... at around 3:15 in the video)

And another showing how to update the kernel on a VM, cloud or Jetson Baserock system using a simple build-deploy-to-self workflow

Video Link

We also maintain the Baserock GENIVI Baseline for the GENIVI Alliance, which is driving adoption of open source software in vehicles.

Here is Baserock with Linux 3.15, Nouveau and GENIVI components running on NVIDIA Jetson TK1

Video Link

Video Link

Please join the conversation at #baserock on, or on our public development mailing list See the contact page for more details.