Contributing to Baserock

Join the conversation

The baserock community members appreciate feedback, ideas, suggestion, bugs and documentation just as much as code. Please join us on #baserock on and our development list.

We maintain a list of ideas for things to do with Baserock.

Submitting code

Please submit changes as GitLab merge requests.

Submitting bug reports

The Baserock team is always grateful to be told about issues. Baserock uses GitLab to log bugs and suggestions. Please feel free to make a new issue with your bug (though do check it hasn't been submitted already). Alternatively, you can use #baserock on or the development list to contact the team.

Submitting changes via the mailing list

Details of how to do this are here

You may want to do this

  • if GitLab is down or unavailable
  • if you are submitting changes to system components which are not Baserock software i.e. projects mirrored in the delta/* repos on
  • if you don't have the time or inclination to register for GitLab