Editing the Wiki

You can edit a wiki page in two ways:

  1. Via the web interface, by pressing the 'Edit' button on the page you wish to edit

  2. By cloning the site's git repo, then making and committing changes locally, and pushing them.

Using the web interface

To edit the wiki via the web interface you need to be logged in.

You can login using either a local login (press the 'other' button on the 'signin' page) or your login on the following account providers:

  • Yahoo
  • OpenID
  • Flickr
  • Wordpress.com
  • AOL
  • Verisign

Using git

This site is version controlled using Git. Anyone can access its git repository, either anonymously:

git clone git://baserock.branchable.com/

or with configured ssh keys:

git clone ssh://b-baserock@baserock.branchable.com/ baserock.branchable.com

At present, both urls allow changes to be pushed. If you want to use the ssh url, then please contact the site admins (in irc, or via the mailing list) and ask them to add your public key.

Embedding video

The wiki supports embedding videos, but this is a potential cross-site attack vector. It must therefore be enabled on a per-page basis. If you would like to add embedded video to a page you are editing, please ask the site admins (in irc, or via the mailing list) to enable it for that page.

If you contribute text directly to wiki.baserock.org, you thereby license it to the public for reuse under CC BY-SA

You retain copyright to materials you contribute to wiki.baserock.org, text and media. Copyright is never transferred to wiki.baserock.org. You can later republish and relicense them in any way you like. However, you can never retract or alter the license for copies of materials that you place here; these copies will remain so licensed until they enter the public domain when your copyright expires (currently some decades after an author's death).