"Build a system and debug a failing build" tutorial


  • Show how to

    • build a Baserock base system
    • avoid or fix common causes of build failure
  • Introduce the related help and reference documentation

Task(s) to be completed

  • Use morph build to build the base system successfully
  • Use morph build in an incorrect directory to see the associated error

Start state

  • a functioning development environment
  • a populated Trove
  • workspace not initialised

End state

  • a built base system ready to be deployed


  • Log in to development environment
  • Invoke morph build base-system-x86_64-generic from /root
  • See the build fail
  • Initialise the workspace
  • Check out the master branch of the Baserock system morphologies
  • Go to the workspace/master directory
  • Invoke morph build base-system-x86_64-generic
  • See the build succeeding

Mention building from outside the branch checkout directory when you have made a branch

Mention more advanced build debugging techniques that can be used