Old Tutorials

These links contain material that was create in 2013 when we were making some tutorial videos. I am adding them here because, although some parts may be out of date, they may be useful for people wanting to do these things with the latest Baserock. With some effort, they could be brought up to date to provide a series of useful Baserock tutorials.

For each tutorial there is a specification, describing what the tutorial was intended to cover and a transcript, which was intended to be the script for, and to have been published alongside of the tutorial video.

Known Issues

  1. Since this work was done, definitions (.morph files) for systems, strata, and chunks have been moved into the definitions repository. The tutorials refer to these files existing either in the morphs repository (for systems and strata), or in the repo of an individual component (for chunks and upstream components)

  2. Many of the links to other content on wiki.baserock.org are out of date because the wiki has changed a lot in the last year

  3. Some of the syntax for morph commands may have changed. morph help will always be up-to-date!