Date: 2013-07-12

Baserock 9 is released

The Baserock team, and Codethink Limited are proud to announce the release of version 9 of the Baserock system.

What is new in this version?

This release of Baserock features a Linux 3.10 kernel on all hardware platforms and uses only YAML to describe morphologies in the system/stratum repository. A new morph gc subcommand is included which deletes chunks and failed builds from the temporary area and old artifacts from the cache. In addition, morph help now displays more informative help messages.

This release also marks the open launch of the Baserock GENIVI Baseline.

We also publish the first reference Big Endian Linux implementation for ARM Versatile Express TC 2. This is a fully functional work-in-progress, expected to be fully integrated in time for Baserock 10. Read how to use it in guides.

Other changes

  • The morph tool's README file was updated to reflect the latest changes.
  • Morph subcommand morph build will now prefix all build steps with progress and step name.
  • Morph subcommand morph deploy will now timestamp the output from configuration extensions.
  • Morph subcommand morph generate-manifest will produce a more compact manifest.
  • New script to retrieve the licences of the chunks used in a system image. (Originally written for Debian by Adam D. Barratt and Francesco Poli)
  • It is now possible to set up the number of virtual cpus for kvm and virtualbox deployments.
  • Deployments to kvm can be now configured to automatically start the VM.
  • Deployments to virtualbox will now create both a host-only and a NAT interface attached to the VM.
  • The cachedir and tempdir directories will be created if they don't already exist.
  • Morph now divides its temporary directories four ways: chunks, failed, deployments, and staging.
  • The old bootstrap strata were removed (obsoleted by build-essential).
  • Some GPLv3 chunks were removed from the GENIVI baseline.
  • systemd was upgraded to v204.
  • u-boot was added to the tools morphology.
  • bc was added to the core morphology.

How do I get started?

You can find a quick start guide on the Baserock wiki and also a short guide on developing with Baserock which follows on from the quick start guide and shows you how to get to the point of proving you can build Baserock within Baserock.

From that point on, your imagination is the limit. You can follow our development in the Git repositories we publish.

How do I get in contact?

The Baserock project has an IRC channel and mailing list for developers to gather and discuss anything associated with Baserock. It is strongly recommended that you use the IRC and lists to contact the team for anything associated with the public development of Baserock. We also have a mailing list for announcements which will be notified of any new releases or big developments in Baserock.

If you manage to find a bug in Baserock, we'd like to hear from you. You can find our bug reporting guidelines on the Baserock wiki and we will do our best to help.

We hope you enjoy experimenting with Baserock and look forward to hearing about any cool things you do with our work.