Baserock 14.40 is released

Changes since 14.29:

  • This release includes a GENIVI Intrepid I-1.0 compatible Baseline.

  • Improved support for the NVIDIA Jetson TK1. The GENIVI Baseline is now released for NVIDIA Jetson, not ARMv7 versatile as it was previously.

  • Chunk morphologies can now be stored in the main definitions repository, alongside the other kinds. Previously they had to be stored in the chunk's source repo.

  • Morphologies can now be kept in subdirectories of the definitions repository. The morph build and morph deploy commands now expect to be given a path relative to the top-level directory, ending in .morph, e.g: morph build systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph

  • All chunk morphologies for components used in the Baserock reference systems have been migrated into definitions.git and organised into subdirectories. There is a script in that repo named 'scripts/' that automates this process.

  • Improvements in OpenStack deployment and cloud-init support.

  • A new system called Mason, which will be a continuous deployment system for Baserock, has been added.[1]

  • The set of strata available in the Baserock definitions repo is larger and has been reorganised to reduce unnecessary rebuilds and duplication. In particular more GNOME components have been added.

  • The Python intepreter 'cpython' is now built with GNU Readline and ncurses.

  • The 'core' stratum now contains a set of root Certificate Authority certificates which enables SSL communication which many popular web sites and services. We have imported the set of ca-certificates maintained by Debian.[2]

  • Some obsolete commands have been removed from Morph: morph petrify and morph unpetrify. A new morph upgrade command was added, which is equivalent to morph deploy --upgrade.

  • Various component updates, see the Git logs of definitions.git for a full list.

  • Lots of bugfixes: see the Git logs of definitions.git and morph.git for a full list.

Known issues:

  • The 'distbuild' distributed build system is currently known to not work. If you are using a distributed build setup, we do not recommend upgrading any of your systems to Baserock 14.40.

  • The Wayland 'drm' backend is not usable on the NVIDIA Jetson in this release. You can use the unaccelerated 'fbdev' backend to run Wayland.

[1]. There is currently an instance of Mason running here: This is a temporary address, in future you'll find a link to our Mason instances on the website.

[2]. Neither the Baserock project nor the Debian project can confirm nor deny whether the certificates are included in this chunk have in any way been audited for trustworthiness or RFC 3647 compliance.

How do I get started?

Start with the following page:

How do I get in contact?

  - IRC: freenode #baserock
  - Public mailing list:
  - See also: <>

If you find a bug in Baserock, we'd like to hear from you using one of the above methods.

The Baserock project welcomes new participants! We hope you enjoy experimenting with Baserock and look forward to hearing about any cool things you do with Baserock.