Baserock 14.28 is released

Changes since Baserock 14.28:

  • Morph has had various changes made, see its NEWS file for details.

  • This release includes component changes for GENIVI Baseline H 1.1

  • The release script has been improved.

  • Upgraded components:

    • gitlab: Updated to version 7.0.0. Allows SMTP config to be set up.

    • Morph: allows partial deployments of a cluster morphology, plus other changes.

    • Lorry controller: Bugfix in job killing.

How do I get started?

Start with the following page:

How do I get in contact?

 - IRC: freenode #baserock
 - Public mailing list:
 - See also: <>

If you find a bug in Baserock, we'd like to hear from you using one of the above methods.

The Baserock project welcomes new participants! We hope you enjoy experimenting with Baserock and look forward to hearing about any cool things you do with our work.